What if I Get a False Positive or Abnormal Test Result?

Drug Testing

Wait? My drug test said I was positive for WHAT?

Accidents happen and, while it doesn’t happen often, false positive results for a drug use test may occur. That’s why at At Your Door Drug Testing all positive results are extensively re-confirmed by our Medical Review Officer (MRO) to ensure there is not a false positive. Here’s what abnormal results can mean:

Negative Results

Negative results are normally available from the lab within 48 hours. Results will be shared with the client or the ordering organization and generally there is no further follow-up necessary.

Abnormal Results

Abnormal results are closely scrutinized as they may indicate the employee has attempted to mask drug use through a variety of methods:

  • Diluting the sample by drinking a large amount of water before the test
  • Consuming masking chemicals
  • Providing unsecured or artificial samples

The Medical Review Officer would consider each of these factors during the process as well. 

Positive Results

In the case of a positive result, the MRO will normally contact the donor to determine if there is a medical explanation for the result.

If the positive test is confirmed, the employee should have the right to pay for a retesting of the sample they gave at a laboratory of their choice. Urine samples for all positive tests are retained for that purpose. 

If an employee tests positive during their re-test, then the ordering organization must follow the policies and procedures they have put into place. It’s important for organizations and employers to plan ahead and implement a drug and alcohol written policy in order to enforce infractions. Some employers will offer employees access to an Employee Assistance Program (EAP), which can arrange for professional assessment and treatment recommendations. 

At Your Door Drug Testing employes only the highest-caliber certified laboratories which guarantee accurate results and provide expert testing personnel in the case of a positive result. Our professional lab partners include Quest Diagnostics and LabCorp, and we are members of the Drug & Alcohol Testing Industry Association, SAMHSA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration) and are CLIA Waived.

At Your Door Drug Testing offers on-site specimen collection. We’re your trusted partner to reduce insurance costs and increase productivity for your business.

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