How Does the Drug Testing Process Work?

Specimen Collection

Drug and alcohol testing must be completed by a trusted provider. Most drug testing is done at a local collection site, where a hair or urine sample is obtained and sent to a certified laboratory for analysis. Some organizations have their own on-site collection lab. At Your Door Drug Testing offers a unique program of […]

What if I Get a False Positive or Abnormal Test Result?

Policy Development

Wait? My drug test said I was positive for WHAT? Accidents happen and, while it doesn’t happen often, false positive results for a drug use test may occur. That’s why at At Your Door Drug Testing all positive results are extensively re-confirmed by our Medical Review Officer (MRO) to ensure there is not a false […]

Implementing a Drug-Free Workplace Policy

At Your Door Drug Testing

At Your Door Drug Testing Services, working with The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) provides excellent resources for workplaces wanting to implement and maintain an occupational drug testing program.* As a business owner, your priority is managing costs and maximizing profits.  An occupational drug testing program for your company is an easy, […]